Brian Hyman was born in the UK in 1968. After spending a year studying at a university in Greece, he graduated in chemistry from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1991. He then spent six months travelling in Nepal, India and Thailand before arriving in Japan in 1992. Although initially only intending to spend one year in Japan and then returning to the UK to join the UK foreign office, he decided to remain in Japan. He established a translation company in 1997.

In 2006, he established a consulting company, Hyman Consulting Incorporated (HCI), in Qingdao (PRC). For the next 10 years, HCI provided consulting and localization services to both Chinese and Japanese companies in China as well as consulting services to various local and national government departments.

After having left the UK in 1991, he established a business in Japan and then went to China and established a business there. He returned to Japan in 2017 to utilize his experience and knowledge gained during his decade in China to help companies improve their international businesses by focusing on assisting them to communicate better with other countries.

Along with English and Japanese, he has a working knowledge of Chinese and several other languages in addition to a strong background in the sciences and computing.

He was involved in consulting projects relating to security, incident prevention and response, and crisis management for government agencies for 25 years.
He has also been involved in numerous wide-ranging projects in the private sector.

Examples of projects in which he has been involved include:

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Self-contained water treatment system
Worked with a Japanese company promoting their revolutionary waste water treatment systems in the US.
Airport security feasibility study
Consulted on a feasibility study regarding the implementation of less-visible and more-effective security measures at domestic and international airports.
IR (Casino) project
Part of a team working with a Japanese prefectural government to establish the first casino and IR project in Japan.
Civilian committees supporting intelligence gathering and analysis
Has been a member of committees tasked with improving the efficiency and communication of international intelligence operations.
Hostage negotiation tactics seminar
Part of an international team working on training courses designed for law enforcement agencies dealing with hostage situations that involved multiple cultural and language-related factors.
Director of International Sales for a US functional fabric company
Manages the overseas sales and marketing for a US fabric innovation company that develops industry-leading functional fabrics.

In 2017, he established Borderless as a specialist consulting agency to assist companies to operate overseas with the same ease and confidence as they have at home.

He enjoys scuba diving and has gained qualifications such as the Nationally Licensed Marine Diver certificate, first-class boat operator’s permit, and dive master certificate. He also enjoys photography, cooking, and travel in Japan and overseas.